IsoTek is an English company.  Their products have won numerous innovation awards.  Their main product lines are power conditioners and power plugs.

As we are aware poor mains quality restricts the performance of audio system.  The company went through rigorous research & development with an aim is to provide good quality power conditioner to overcome the poor quality mains.

Their range of products are:-

  • Polaris 6-outlet power filter
  • Mini Mira 2-outlet power filter
  • Venus 5-outlet power filter
  • Initium power cable
  • Premier power cable
  • Sequel power cable
  • Elite power cable
  • Optimum power cable
  • Isoplug power filter plug
  • IEC plugs
  • Aquarius 6-outlet power conditioner
  • Solus 6-outlet power conditioner
  • Sirius 6-outlet filter board
  • Syncro Active DC blocking power cable
  • Titan 2-outlet high current power conditioner
  • Sigmas 6-outlet power conditioner
  • Mosaic Genesis 5-outlet Hybrid power conditioner/regenerator
  • Super Titan 20 20-amp full high current ultimate power conditioner
  • Super Titan 32 32-amp full high current ultimate power conditioner
  • Genesis One single outlet power regenerator
  • Genesis ultimate power regenerator
  • Utimate System Set Up Disc
  • Full system Burn-in and Enhance disc

Isotek has been award Product of the Year 2016 with their Mosaic Genesis Power Conditioner/Distribution by Hi-Fi+.