Whatmough Audio now stock Prima Luna amplifiers.

PrimaLuna is a mondial brand of tube-electronics established in 2003 by Herman van den Dungen.

Reviews of the PrimaLuna range of products are available by contacting us at Whatmough Audio (03) 9545 5152, email us on info@whatmoughaudio.com.au or visiting us at our showroom at 2065 Princes Highway, Clayton Vic 3168.

PrimaLuna products include the Prologue Classic Integrated Amp, Prologue Classic CD Player, Prologue Premium Integrated Amp, Prologue Premium Preamp, Prologue Premium Power Amplifier, Prologue Premium CD Player, Dialogue Premium Preamp, Dialogue Premium Integrated amplifier, Dialogue premium Stereo/Mono Power Amplifier, Dialogue Premium HP Integrated Amplifier, Dialogue Premium HP Power Amplifier, KT88 Tube Prima Luna Gold label, 12AU7 tube Prima Luna Gold Label, 12 AX7 Tube ….