Primare is a Swedish Manufacturer of hi-fi and audio and video products such as amplifiers, disc players and tuners.  The company won numerous industry awards for their outstanding products from Absolute Sound, Stereophile, Eisa, HiFi Choice, etc.  Reviews of Primare’s products can be obtained from Whatmough Audio in Clayton, Victoria, Australia.

Primare’s current products include PRE32 Preamp, PRE60 Preamp, I22 Inegrated Amp, I32 Integrated amp, A34.2 Power Amp, A32 Power Amp,  A60 Power Amp, BD432 BluRay Player, CD22 CD Player, CD32 CD Player, DAC30 High Resolution DAC, A30.7 Power Amp, BD32 MKII Universal Player, BD32 Universal Player, SP30 AV Preamp, SPA23 AV Preamp, R32 Phono Stage, NP30 Media Player.