Emotiva BASX CD100 CD Player

Emotiva BASX CD100 CD Player

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Emotiva BASX CD100

CD Player/CD Transport


 The Emotiva BasX CD100 combines a precision digital CD transport and a superb quality DAC (digital-to-analog converter) in one convenient and attractive package. The advanced engineering, quality construction, and powerful laser engine in the CD-100 ensure true audiophile performance; whether you use the CD-100 as a transport or as a complete audio source component.

Extra shielding inside the unit provides even more protection against interference, vibration, and jitter.

You can use the Emotiva BASX CD100 as a precision bit-perfect digital CD transport, or connect the analogue output of its advanced DAC to your preamp.



  • Toslink optical and Coax electrical S/PDIF digital outputs – as a transport, the CD-100 delivers a bit-perfect audio signal from its digital audio output directly to the input on your DAC or processor.
  • Great sounding analog output – as a CD Player, the CD-100 delivers superb sounding analog audio from its Cirrus Logic CS4398 Advanced Multi-Bit Delta-Sigma DAC to the line level inputs on your preamp or processor.
  • Advanced power supply technology – including multiple independent and well filtered linear power supplies for analog and digital circuitry.
  • Support for standard CD audio formats – the CD-100 plays Red Book audio CDs, including the Red Book audio layer on hybrid SACDs, HDCDs, and MP3 digital audio files, on both commercial CDs and computer-recorded CD-R discs.
  • High-reliability tray loading mechanism – handles discs consistently and reliably.
  • Powerful laser mechanism – reads even damaged discs that frustrate other players.
  • High visibility blue alphanumeric VFD status display – makes it easy to tell what’s playing, even from across the room.
  • Front panel transport controls with blue halo illumination – make it easy to operate the CD-100 directly, without reaching for the remote control.
  • Reinforced steel chassis – for rugged reliability and isolation from vibration.
  • Full function remote control.
  • Motorized CD loading tray – for smooth CD loading.
  • Universal line voltage operation – automatically adjusts to your local line voltage.
  • Industry leading warranty* – ensures that you’ll be able to enjoy your CD-100 for years to come.


Supported Formats

The BasX CD-100 can be used to play all standard (Red Book) audio CDs, including:

  • Pre-recorded commercial audio CDs (standard; Red Book).
  • Audio CDs recorded on a computer or CD recorder (CD-Rs).
  • Audio CDs recorded in the HDCD audio format.
  • The Red Book CD layer on Hybrid SACDs.

The BasX CD-100 can also play MP3 files recorded on pre-recorded CDs or CD-Rs.

The CD-100 CANNOT play:

  • DVD-Audio discs, DVDs, or Blu-Ray discs.
  • Surround sound content recorded on any type of disc.
  • Audio files on pre-recorded or computer recorded discs other than the ones listed above.
  • Non-hybrid SACDs (SACDs with only a DSD/SACD layer).
  • Audio files on computer-recorded DVD-R or Blu-Ray discs.

Audio Outputs (3)

  • Stereo unbalanced analog audio outputs (RCA)
  • Coax digital S/PDIF audio output (RCA)
  • Toslink optical S/PDIF digital audio output (Toslink connector)

Audio Output Level

+7.5 dBV (2.35 V RMS); unbalanced analog audio outputs

Frequency Response

20 Hz – 20 kHz +/- 0.35 dB


< 0.007% @ 1 kHz
< 0.08% (20 Hz – 20 kHz)

IMD (SMPTE 4:1):

< 0.006%


< 90 dB

Phase Deviation:

< 0.4 degrees (20 Hz – 20 kHz)

Power Requirements:

100 – 240 VAC; 50/60 Hz.


(cm) 43W x 9H x 33D (unboxed)
(cm) 53 W x 18H x 45D (Gross)

D (boxed)


5kgs (unboxed)
7kgs (boxed)