Nordost 4 Flat Speaker Cable

Nordost 4 Flat Speaker Cable

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Nordost 4 Flat Speaker Cable

Nordost 4 Flat Speaker Cable uses the FEP extrusion technique that not only revolutionized the look, but the performance of speaker cables.  The 4 Flat speaker cable is identical in construction to 2 Flat, but with double the conductors. These cables are the perfect solution when dealing with high performance amplifiers and bi-wired loudspeakers within your audio and home theatre systems.

The superior geometry and materials in 4 Flat not only account for the low inductance and capacitance within this cable, but allow for seamless and easy under-carpet installation. In fact, not only can 4 Flat be installed under-carpet, but it can be pushed under baseboards, cut into walls and then seamlessly spackled over and even buried underground without incurring any sound degradation.

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Insulation:Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP)
Conductors:4 x 18AWG
Material:99.9999% OFC
Configuration:Shotgun, Bi-Wire, or Bi-Amp
Velocity of Propagation:90%
Termination:Gold-plated Spade or Z-plug Banana
(Bulk Cable – Terminated by Dealer)

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