Optoma ALR100 Ambient Light Projector Screen

///Optoma ALR100 Ambient Light Projector Screen

Optoma ALR100 Ambient Light Projector Screen

$ 2,999


Optoma ALR100 Projector Screen

Ambient Light TV-Panel Like Screen

The Optoma ALR100 projector screen works exceptionally well with the Optoma LCT100 ultra short throw projector.  The specially designed micro-structure on the surface of the grey screen material increases contrast ratio and provide a wide viewing angle.  Illustrated in the picture on the left, it shows how the screen surface reflects the projected light and blocks off any ambient light from the other directions.  The result is a TV panel-like image.




Format 1080p 16:9
Gain 0.42
Viewing Size (W x H) 2214 x 1245mm
Diagonal Viewing 100″
Frame Size (mm) 2236.2 x 1267.7mm
Frame Border (mm) 16mm
Weight (Net) 12.4kgs
Screen Size 2326 x 1357


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