Are You Buying the Right Soundbar For You?

You have purchased a TV with all the latest technologies with high hopes of enjoying a cinematic experience at home. But once you switch it on, the video is excellent but the audio is definitely not up to your expectations.

Do not be disappointed or blame the manufacturer.

When it comes to audio, there is a limit to how much the TV’s built-in speakers can deliver. If you want that home-theatre like, quality cinematic experience, sound bars are a great choice.

What is a Sound Bar?

A sound bar is a type of speaker that is installed in front of or underneath your TV. In case of wall mounted TVs, you can mount your sound bar below or above the TV.

Sound bars produce a richer bass sound and a better hearing experience that inbuilt TV speakers cannot produce.

The name ‘sound bar’ can be a bit misleading as these speakers are available in diverse shapes, types and sizes. Prices vary too and so do the features including bluetooth compatibility, HDMI inputs, USB ports, analogue and digital audio inputs, faux surround sound effects, subwoofers and much more.

Choosing the right sound bar can be a bit confusing. In this article, we aim to help you make a sound decision.

Measure Your Space

Since sound bars come in different sizes, it is prudent to measure your space before buying one. If your TV is set in an enclosure or the space around is quite small, a large sound bar would be an ugly eyesore.

Your sound bar should be narrower and smaller than the TV set it is being paired with.

The importance of Sound Quality

Sound bars are available in a variety of designs and sound quality. So it’s important that the soundbar you buy provides you with a good, smooth, natural sound that you can live with it everyday.

Consider Adding Subwoofers

Unless the sound bar you have purchased comes with in-built subwoofers, it is prudent to invest in a good subwoofer. Subwoofers greatly enhance low frequency sound so that you can clearly hear each word spoken, each nuance of sound effects.