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Are You Buying the Right Soundbar For You?

Are You Buying the Right Soundbar For You? You have purchased a TV with all the latest technologies with high hopes of enjoying a cinematic experience at home. But once you switch it on, the video is excellent but the audio is definitely not up to your expectations. Do not be disappointed or blame the [...]

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Is it Time to Update Your Home Theatre?

Once you have experienced a good home theatre setup, you will settle for nothing less. Good quality home theatres last for years and give you and your family unmatched viewing pleasure and a great excuse to spend more quality time at home. However, given the rapid advancement in technology, you might be missing out on [...]

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Atacama SL Series

Atacama SL Series Speaker Stands The Atacama SL series speaker stands provide a great support system for the larger speaker enclosure.  This speaker stands enable you to get the most performance from your speakers and provide a deeper and tighter bass response.   They also produce superb imaging and help to create a lightning fast [...]

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