Isolation Products, Furniture, stands, Brackets

/Isolation Products, Furniture, stands, Brackets

Isolation Products, Furniture, Stands, Brackets

A variety of Racks, Stands, Brackets, Seating of high quality are available from The Audio Experts in Clayton.  We offer theatre lounge design and set up to suit your decor and requirement.

The audio racks and stands are of audiophile quality.  It helps with the isolation of vibration from the floor.  This will ultimately result in cleaner and more dynamic bass to the system.

A variety of Home Theatre Lounges offers a comfortable and luxurious seating arrangement to your home cinema.  Some models even come with refrigerated, LED cupholder and USB ports.  Please ask us for the optional electrical backlift lounges specially designed for the elderly and people with restricted mobility.

The Audio Experts stock various types of Isolation Products and Equipment.  The brands we stock for these types of equipment are:

Nordost QPOINT Resonance Synchroniser eliminates internal electrical noise.  It enhances the coherency and timing that is typically lacking in even the most high-end audio systems.  The QPoint emits a subtle field that manipulates all electromechanical resonances within its immediate proximity so that they resonate in unison with each other.

The Nordost QSOURCE is a fanless Linear Power Supply that provides a stable, clean output of DC power at select voltages.  It maintains extremely low noise levels.  The QSOURCE enhances the audio imagery of a sound system by improving sonic articulation, heightening dynamics, and expanding the sound stage.