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Torus Power is a high end Canadian power performance products company.  The key features of Torus products include:

  1. Provide more dynamic range for superior audio performance dynamic
  2. Protects your equipment with superior surge protection
  3. Provides total power isolation from the outside power grid
  4. Offers better grounding and higher power capabilities
  5. Torus Power units are inherently quiet
  6. Cleaner power provides cleaner sound
  7. Automatic Voltage Regulation enhances performance and equipment longevity
  8. IP Based Ethernet Monitoring & Control
  9. Custom Control

The Torus Toroidal power transformers incorporate

  • narrow bandwidth technology
  • Automatic voltage regulation (AVR)
  • High Instantaneous Current

Torus Power‘s products protects your equipment like no others.  It enhances audio, video and control systems.  There are 4 series available to Australia.

  • TOT MINI and TOT MAX are ultra compact Toroidal Isolation power transformer
  • RM Series protected power for the largest systems.
  • AVR Series provides voltage regulation for basic home monitoring applications
  • AVR2 offers individual outlet control, scheduling, and auto reboot upon power failure

When connect audio equipment to a Torus Isolation Transformer,  your system will be more dynamic, better image with cleaner and enhanced bass.  In terms of video, it will be crisper, with darker blacks, and brighter colors.