Bluesound is an alliance of audiophiles who have dedicated their technology to delivering on the promise of wireless, digitally perfect high-fidelity audio.

These sleek and modern looking products are for people who enjoys music.  The players are compatible with just about every other digital format that’s available, including MQA for those who will settle for nothing less than studio-master-quality sound.

They use the ecosystem in your home wireless network not just to stream music, but also to communicate with other BluOS-enabled players on your network. The ecosystem can connect up to 34 players and through the BluOS Controller App for your smart device.  You can play your music in perfect sync, or play different music simultaneously.

Other than streaming internet radio, down load hi-res tracking, they also offers instant access to millions of songs from your CD library and multitude of sources.

With Bluesound’s technology, you are entering true, 24-bit hi-res digital audio.