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Emotiva is an US company.  The founder, Dan Laufman, and his team’s main goal is to offer exceptionally designed, high performance products at prices that more people could afford and enjoy.  Prices that don’t threaten customers’ mortgages.


BasX series

  • Stereo Dac/Tuner integrated amplifier
  • home theatre processor
  • Power Amplifier, Stereo Pre-Amp/Dac/Tuner
  • Stereo Flex Amplifier which likes a heavy duty power  supply
  • 5-channel power amplifier
  • 7-channel power amplifier
  • Multizone power amplifier
  •  CD player and transport

XPA Series

  • Mono Block
  • 2-channel – 11-channel modular amplifier systems
  • 7.2 channel AV processor
  • High performance phono-preamplifier
  • DACs
  • Balanced CD player/transport