Kiseki started in Holland in 1980. The founder was Herman van den Dungen.

Herman van den Dungen’s distribution company, Durob Audio, used to be the distributor for Koetsu cartridges in Europe.

Due to the poor production quality and reliable delivery of the Koetsu cartridges, Herman decided to produce his own cartridges to solve the problems he was experiencing with Koetsu. The “Kiseki” was born. It means “Miracle” in Japanese.

Herman offered the first model of his cartridges to one of the Koetsu distributors for sound quality testing. The Blue was to be a direct competition with the Koetsu Black in terms of sound quality and price. With the success of this first model, the turnover of the new cartridges was about 150-200 a month, instead of 30.

The PurpleHeart Boron, PurpleHeart Sapphire, BlackHeart Boron, Agaat Boron, Agaat Ruby, Lapis Lazuli Diamond came after the Kiseki Blue. The silver wired MC transformers, OFC MC transformers and pure silver cables for tone-arms rewiring were supplied by Mr. Kondo of Audio Note in Japan.