Breaking News – Pro-ject RPM3 Turntable was awarded EISA Best Product of the Year 2015-2016.

Pro-Ject turntable models include Elemental turntable, Elemental turntable with Phono & USB; Essential II, Essential Phono & USB, Essential II Digital; Debut Carbon, Debut Carbon Phono & USA; Debut Carbon Esprit, Debut Carbon Esprit SB; RPM 1 Carbon, RPM3 Carbon, RPM 5 Carbon, RPM 9 Carbon, RPM 10 Carbon; 1Xpression Carbon; 1Xpression Carbon Classic; 1Xpression III Comfort, 2Xperience DC Acrylic, 2Xperience SB, 6PerspeXSB, Xtension 9 Evolution, Xtension 10 Evolution, Xtension 12 Evolution; Signature 10, Signature 12; PS00-Frida by Parov Stelar,PS01-Wave by Parov Stelar, Essential II Demon by Parov Stelar.


Other than the turntables, Pro-ject also produce tonearms, cartridges, phono electronics, vinyl cleaning products, cables, LPs and other Vinyl LP related accessories.