Beyerdynamic T1G2 A2 Headphone + Headphone Amp Package

Beyerdynamic T1G2 A2

This complete audiophile headphone package consists of of the Tesla Technology T1G2 headphone and the A2 headphone amp with the Beyerdynamic headphone stand.

Beyerdynamic T1G2 Headphone

The Beyerdynamic T1G2 is a very well made and comfortable headphone.  It sounds  impressive with a combination of insight, fluid dynamics and rhythmic precision.

With the ability to swap leads, it offers the choice of using your preferred cable and it also opens up a balanced option.

Compared to the previously T1, this new generation version offers greater low-end heft and smoother highs.  It offers a firm grasp of rhythmic information and the kind of fluid dynamics rarely hear from even some of the top end headphones.

Beyerdynamic A2 Headphone Amplifier

The Beyerdynamic A2 is a stylish, modern and timeless looking headphone amplifier.  It sounds airy, transparent, smooth at the same time with detail and clarity.  The bass is tight. The A2 is amazingly noise-free with precise control, regardless of their impedance.

The A2 comes with 2 headphone jacks which makes it easier to swap between 2 headphones even while the amp is in operation.  The 2 single ended outputs on the front of the A2 offers the flexibility for 2 people to enjoy the selected music at the same time.

The amplifier comes with its own headphone stand that connects to the A2 amplifier.

The A2 measures 216mm x 235mm x 55mm and weights 2.23 kgs.