Chord 2Qute Chordette

Chord 2Qute Chordette

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Chord 2Qute Chordette

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Chord 2Qute Chordette DAC offers a simple, compact and affordable standalone solution for your two-channel system.

The 2Qute Chordette features a Class 2 USB input which has been galvanically isolated for greater sonic performance. This has allowed for very high data rates of up to 384kHz;  It has a driverless input on Apple and Android devices, with (ASIO included) drivers for Windows devices.


  • Chord Custom FPGA DAC
  • 384kHz USB Type B Input
  • 192kHz Optical Input
  • 1 x 384kHz BNC Coax Input
  • 1 x RCA Output
  • USB Galvanic Isolation
  • Supports up to 384kHz
  • DSD 128 (2x) Capable
  • DSD Transmitted via DoP
  • Solid aluminium Cases

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