Chord Poly Music Streamer and Player

Chord Poly Music Streamer and Player

$ 999


Chord Poly

Music Streamer and Player

Chord Poly is an excellent streaming accessory for Chord’s all-conquering Mojo.  What Hi-Fi considered them a match made in hi-fi heaven.


Poly enables wireless audio playback from smartphones without the need for a cable between the two devices.

Poly acts as a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth hub and can access music through streaming over Wi- Fi, network storage devices (NAS) and collections stored on SD cards (using MPD). Bluetooth connectivity and AirPlay functionality provide real flexibility with smartphones.   Multiple Mojo/Poly combinations can be used throughout the home to provide a high-quality multi-room streaming playback solution.

Key Features

  • 9 hours battery life
  • Bluetooth A2DP connectivity
  • Wifi 2.4hHz connectivity
  • Airplay connectivity
  • Micro SD card storage (MPD)
  • Roon ready
  • CLNA compatible
  • Supports up to 768 kHz
  • DSD 256 (4x) capable
  • DSD via DoP
  • Solid aluminium chassis


Chord Mojo

What Hi-Fi Review 

**Available in Black only**


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