Elipson PLANET M

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In stock


Elipson PLANET M Speaker

(Price is Per Unit)

Elipson PLANET M is a compact, attractive, and unabashedly audiophile speaker.  Planet M illustrates all of Elipson’s audio expertise.

Following in the footsteps of the iconic Planet L, this exceptional product draws on the best acoustic technologies and it has a state of the art design for uncompromising sound results.  By the strength of its 2-way coaxial speaker, Planet M combines musical excellence and compact design. This is a brilliant product that will perform with elegance and boldness.

Available Stock in 3 colors (glossy finish):


2 units x Gloss Red

1 unit x Gloss Black



Crossovers Frequency: 2500
Slope: 6-12
Woofer Diameter: 10.00
Cone: paper

Tweeter Diameter: 2.00
Cone: si

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