JL Audio G213v2

The JL Audio G213v2 offers beautiful design, exceptional build quality and truly great audio.

The JL G213v2 delivers an intoxicating combination of texture, tightness, dynamics and extension.

The Gotham® G213v2’s massive fibreglass-composite enclosure is hand-finished in luxurious gloss-black and complemented by machined aluminium and stainless steel accents. The look and feel is elegant and spectacular at the same time. More importantly, this beautiful cabinet houses a pair of JL Audio’s highest-technology subwoofer drivers.  


General Specifications – JL Audio G213v2

Enclosure TypeSealed, with non-parallel walls
Enclosure FinishBlack Gloss
Frequency Response (Anechoic)19 – 112 Hz (±1.5dB)
-3 dB at 17.5 Hz / 120 Hz
-10 dB at 14 Hz / 150 Hz
Effective Piston Area (Sd)214.70 sq in / 0.1386 sq m
Effective Displacement773 cu in / 12.7 L
Amplifier Power4500W RMS short-term
Power ModeOff, on or Automatic (Signal-Sensing)
Light ModesOff, On or Dim

Signal Processing & Physical Specifications

Unbalanced InputsStereo or Mono (two RCA jacks)
Balanced InputsStereo or Mono (2 x female XLR jacks)
Input ModesMaster or Slave
Input GroundingIsolated or Grounded
Calibration ModesDigital Automatic room optimisation, includes laboratory-grade microphone
Level ControlReference (fixed gain) or Variable, from full mute to +15dB over reference gain
Filter Mode(s)Low-Pass
Filter Slope(s)12/24 dB/octave
Filter Frequency Range30 Hz – 130 Hz
Filter Defeat FunctionYes
Polarity0 or 180 degrees
PhaseVariable, 0- 270 degrees
Extreme Low Frequency (E.L.F.) TrimVariable, -12 dB to +3 dB at 20 Hz
Out to SlaveBalanced (one make XLR jack)
Weight (kg)163
Dimensions (wxhxd) (mm)546 x 867 x 610

Note: Height dimensions include feet. Depth dimensions include grilles.