KEF Reference 1 Stands

KEF Reference 1 Stands

$ 2,995


KEF Reference 1 Speaker Stands

The KEF Reference 1 Bookshelf Speaker Stand is specially designed to work with The Reference 1 Ultimate Bookshelf Speaker. This stand is available in Luxury Satin Black finish.

Designed and Engineered in the UK

The plinth of the speaker stand has a built-in spirit level.  It is very easy to adjust the the spike sets through the neatly concealed screws.   A discreet cable management channel at the rear of the plinth keeps cabling neatly out of sight. Within the plinth is a vertical compartment for filling with an inert material to further enhance stability and acoustic damping. All REFERENCE 1 Performance Stand and Spike Sets have a discreet Satin Black.

KEF Reference 1 bookshelf speakers


The Reference 1 speaker stand dimensions are : 537H x 324W x 409D.

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