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Phono Amplifier

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DAC with Built-in pre-amp and Headphone Amp

The Luxman DA06 D/A converter  has a built-in pre-amplifier and a headphone amplifier functions with DSD digital audio and USB input.

The DA06 reproduces music with a rich tonal balance and silky smooth midrange, yet a satiating amount of transparency.  It’’s capable to reproduces both PCM and DSD with its lush signature Luxman sound.   As a result,  listeners will get lost in the music rather than the format.

This super high performance DA converter can fully meet the latest market demand, with excellent usability and reliability, and its unique timbre.  Audio enthusiasts can definitely fully enjoy the PC & MAC music unlimited fun.


  • Form
    • 2 channel D/A converters
  • Appropriate sampling frequency
    • USB input(PMC): 32k, 44.1k, 48k, 88.2k, 96k, 176.4k, 192k, 352.8k, 384kHz (16, 24, 32bit)
    • USB input(DSD): 2.82M, 5.64MHz
    • COAX/OPT/AES/EBU input: 32k, 44.1k, 48k, 88.2k, 96k, 176.4k, 192kHz (16,20,24bit)
    • Digital Input USB (Type B) 1 system, COAX 2 system, OPT 2 system, AES/EBU(XLR) 1 system
  • Digital Output
    • COAX system, OPT 1 system
  • Analog output
    • RCA unbalanced system, XLR balanced 1 system
  • Cable output voltage /impedance
    • 2.5 v / 300 Ohm (imbalances) and 600 Ohm (balance)
  • Dimensions (W x H x D)
    • 440(W) x 92(H) x 400mm(D)
  • Weight
    • 11kg