$ 8,999

Valve Phono Equalizer


Luxman EQ500

MM/MC Valve Phono Equalizer

The LUXMAN EQ500 recorded analog record without interruption vibrations and resonances of the music. The constant that revive the story of no subsequent sound, it would be nice to say that pleasure of analog playback. The Luxman EQ500 is a MM/MC valve phono equalizer designed to reproduce the breath with the music color rich, chose the vacuum tube to the whole page as an amplifying element. The front panel is to layout a number of fine adjustment function and switching function that you are able to enjoy the real thrill of analog sound.


  • Input Sensitivity: MM: 4mV
  • MC high: 0.44mV
  • MC low: 0.18mV
  • MM: 36kΩ
  • MC high: 55Ω
  • MC low: 63Ω
  • Input Impedance: 250mV
  • Output impedance: 300Ω
  • Outside Dimensions: 440 (W) x 92 (H) x 397 (D) mm (terminals and knobs excluded)
  • Weight: 12.5kg
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