Monitor Audio Gold 100

The Monitor Audio Gold 100 is the only stand mounting speaker of the series. The combination of 6½” C-CAM mid/bass driver, MPD high-frequency transducer and rear-facing HiVe II port. This compact, elegant two-way loudspeaker sound far bigger than it is – it’s composed, adaptable and capable of a greater bass presence than seems feasible.

Key Features

  • Two-way, rear-ported cabinet configuration featuring HiVe II port technology – improved transient response and tighter bass, due to smoother air-flow
  • MPD high-frequency transducer – articulate, extended high frequencies, yet supremely smooth
  • 61/2” bass/mid-range driver, featuring:
    • – RDT II Cone technology – specially developed sandwich cone technology using thin C-CAM, Nomex honeycomb core, and woven carbon fiber back skin to return incredible stiffness, yet light and well-damped
    • – DCF (Dynamic Coupling Filter) – optimized to reduce high-frequency cone break-up and further reduce distortion
  • Soft-touch top trim – giving a luxurious, premium quality furniture grade touch and appearance
  • Single-bolt-through driver technology – providing increased bracing strength, rigidity, and driver/baffle de-coupling
  • Bespoke magnetic grilles – clean visual styling, virtually acoustically transparent
  • Dedicated fixing points to bolt and combines with the Monitor Audio STAND – for best performance returns