PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium HP Amp

High Power Integrated Amplifier with EL34 tube and built-in headphone amp

The PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium HP Amp is a very efficient 36Watt tube amp.  It is great for customers with low efficiency speakers (84-86dB) that like to play their music loud and have a large room, they may want even more power.

One of the most Powerful Tube Amplifiers in the world

This high power amplifier delivers 70 watts per channel from EL34’s, 80 watts from KT88’s, 84 watts from KT120’s, and 96 watts from KT150’s. Like all PrimaLuna amplifiers, the tubes are run so easy you can use it every day and just relax.

One of the best headphone amps in the world

Most tube integrated amps and preamps use a solid state op-amp chip for running headphones.  Stand alone tube headphone amps will vary in quality like any other tube amp. Headphones are simply small speakers that require less power. Some will use smaller output tubes that groan to have enough dissipation to run power-hungry planar headphones. The HP can run your headphones in Triode or Ultra-linear operation at the push of a button without having to spend extra for a separate state of the art headphone amp.


  • 2 x 70 watt power amplifier
  • 5 x line-level input, 1x HT bypass input, 1x Phono output, 4 & 8 ohm speaker taps
  • Power section: 8 x EL34 tubes. Pre section: 6 x 12AU7 tubes
  • Can also support KT120 tubes, for 2 x 85 watt output (Same bias as KT88)
  • Adaptive AutoBias, SoftStart circuit
  • Power Transformer Protection & Output Transformer Protection circuits
  • Bad Tube Indication circuit, with LED indicators
  • Tube-plate fuse, for output protection
  • Home theatre pass-thru, direct-line circuitry for connection to HT systems
  • Hand-made with finest point-to-point wiring
  • Premium parts such as ALPS volume control, Nichicon & Solen capacitors
  • Heavy-gauge fully-vented steel chassis, with 5 coat hand-rubbed finish
  • Includes system remote control & quick release tube cage
    Dimensions: 385mm x 205mm x 405mm (WxHxD)