PrimaLuna EVO 200 Tube Preamplifier Features


If a tube fails, the PrimaLuna Adaptive AutoBias will instantly put the amplifier into protection mode so no parts can get damaged. A red LED will light up in front of the tube that needs replacing. Simply plug in another tube, and listen. Absolutely no guesswork.


The toroids radiate about 1/10 the magnetic field that pollutes music and obscures detail. Additionally, the absence of an air gap typically means toroids have an 8:1 reduction of acoustic noise. As transformers are the most expensive components in any audio, this is important. 

All PrimaLuna products use massive, potted toroidal transformers. These PrimaLuna transformers are enclosed in a metal housing and then potted in a non-microphonic resin to further reduce noise and to protect the windings from moisture and deterioration forever.


Output transformers are the most important part of any tube amp. We use lower power to extend tube life, and bandwidth to give you slam. PrimaLuna output transformers are custom-designed, wound in-house, and massive.


AC Offset Killer is about goose bumps. PrimaLuna custom-winds our own massive toroidal power transformers that are low in hum and EMI. The PrimaLuna AC Offset Killer lowers transformer noise, (regardless of how bad your electricity is) resulting in a sense of space and texture. The resonance of an acoustic guitar or violin string seems to trail on forever. The AC Offset Killer will amaze you.


PrimaLuna’s Adaptive AutoBias is a true, smart technology employing an array of sensors to monitor tubes and make adjustments seamlessly in real time.  Adaptive AutoBias is completely passive and NOT in the signal path. The result is low to no maintenance, long tube life, and the lowest possible distortion for amazing sound.

Adaptive AutoBias also provides unparalleled flexibility by allowing use of almost any tube on the market today. It even has a fine-tuning switch for EL-34 and KT88/KT120/KT150 tube types.

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Primaluna EVO 200 Tube preamplifier


PrimaLuna tube preamplifier’s input selection is done using premium quality sealed relays mounted in the rear where you plug in your components. When an input is selected, that relay closes giving you the best connection possible. All the other relays are left open, so noise and signals from other sources can’t leak in. The signal path is now almost non-existent, so there are no wires to pick up noise.


Tube life is simply a matter of how hard you run the tubes. That’s it. The only way to extend tube life is to run them as close to zero as you possible can, making sure it is not so low you go into crossover distortion. The life of a tube will depend on two things: Plate and screen voltage.

PrimaLuna tube preamplifier runs their output tubes at a minimum dissipation without going into crossover distortion. When you look at our amps, they provide less power from each tube.

PrimaLuna EVO 200 Tube Preamplifier Specifications

Inputs4 x Stereo RCA, Stereo HT Bypass
Outputs2 x Stereo RCA, Stereo RCA Tape Out 
Gain10 dB
Frequency Response28Hz-43kHz +/- 1dB, 14Hz-92kHz +/-3dB
THD<0.5% @ 2V
S/N Ratio93dB, 100dBA
Input Sensitivity620mV
Input Impedance220K Ohm
Output Impedance280 Ohm
Power Consumption51 Watts
Standard Tube Compliment4 x 12AU7, 2 x 5AR4
Dimensions (mm)  (L x W x H)405mm x 365mm x 205mm