Whatmough P8i 3-Way Centre Speaker


The Whatmough P8i floor standing speakers are the ultimate speaker in the Whatmough Performance series. Their design and built quality are up to the audiophile standards.  The P8i delivers truly spectacular sound.

The P8i centre channel uses identical drivers to the P33i floor standing speaker.  It offers virtually identical performance as the centre channel for an AV system.  As this is a three way system, the tweeter was able to be mounted directly above the midrange in order to eliminates the response anomalies when listening off axis which are common to horizontal speakers.

The perfect partner in the Performance Series system featuring the P33i in the front and P12i or PFX3i speakers in the rear for a truly exceptional home cinema surround sound experience.

The P8i is fully made in Australia.



Three-way sealed enclosure using two 170mm hybrid Fibre glass/Nomex coned long throw Bass drivers, one 100mm cellulous fibre mid-range unit and a 35mm dual concentric tweeter which uses a wave guide centre plug.

Nominal Impedance
4 ohms

Amplifier Power Requirement
Approximately 25 – 150 Watts

Power Handling
Transient levels in excess of 300 watts.
Average levels of 120 watts.

88dB input level of 2.83 Volts (1 Watt into 8ohms)

Frequency Response
78Hz – 40kHz ±3dB

290H X 665W X 360D


Bubinga real wood veneer or Piano Graphite