Once you have experienced a good home theatre setup, you will settle for nothing less. Good quality home theatres last for years and give you and your family unmatched viewing pleasure and a great excuse to spend more quality time at home.

However, given the rapid advancement in technology, you might be missing out on some of the latest upgrades. So keep an eye on the latest entrants in the home theatre market to consider whether your home theatre system needs an upgrade.

Ultra HD Images

The first thing about enjoying a movie at home with theatre-like cinematic quality is, of course, the images that emanate from your television set. Infact, most cinemas in Australia are only full HD with only a few offering 4K Ultra HD.

Full HD TVs and projectors are passé. Game-changing developments in television technology have now introduced the latest 4k Ultra HD TVs and projectors which take viewing pleasure to a level you could never have imagined before.

With their unbelievably life-like picture quality, clear, vivid images and true-life colour, 4k Ultra HD TVs and projectors are a must-have in any home theatre. These hi-tech televisions allow you to view an image at a resolution that is 4 times more than that of full HD TV and projector.

A New Frontier in Surround Sound

Once you have taken care of the visuals, it’s time to consider if your audio systems also need an upgrade. However, if you have already upgraded your TV and projector to 4k HD Ultra model, it will be beneficial to upgrade the sound system too to ensure it is compatible with the latest audio format. In that case, you will need a 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos and DTS:X surround sound system at a minimum to really enjoy the latest blockbusters movies.

Just like HD TV and projector, Dolby Digital is a thing of the past now. The latest in surround sound system are exciting new audio technologies such as DTS:X and Dolby Atmos that have been created to immerse you completely in your viewing pleasure.

These are object-based formats, which means that you not only enjoy the sounds from precise locations all around you but also from overhead (as in cinema). This gives you a much more realistic and never-before-experienced sound quality that makes you feel a part of all the action going on on the screen.

Blu-Ray Player

When you have invested in the latest audio-visual equipment, it’s time to upgrade your player too. Older players are not capable of playing the latest media and will definitely compromise the viewing experience.

What you need is the latest Blu-ray player that will transform the way you view your favourite movies. HD Blue-ray players enable you to make the most of your 4K HD TV/projector and Dolby sound systems.

Stay Connected

Upgrading your network connection is also an important part of a home theatre upgrade.

Multi-room audio devices and the latest music streaming technologies allow you to listen to your favourite music clearly no matter which room you are in. Installing these will add a totally new dimension to your home theatre unit transforming it into a complete home-entertainment setup.